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The new Pathos Acoustics website is online!


Heritage: a first great year

Heritage fronte

Why Heritage?


Heritage was born from Pathos expertise, history and creations.

  1. Pathos achieved an integrated amplifier more powerful than TT, InPol Remix and InPol2.
  2. Pathos engineers put together an InPoL amplifier and the chance of having a performing preamplifier output (balanced, unbalanced, inverted, non-inverted) with an additional gain, and in addition, an optional DAC board can be installed.
  3. Heritage confirms the potential of this Pathos historical project: InPol.
  4. Pathos introduced a new product, light and with small sizes


Volume control

volume board



Volume control has always been a very important feature for Pathos; therefore both on Inpol2 and Synapse you can find fully balanced attenuators featuring relays switching and selecting high quality and high precision resistors.

On Heritage, Pathos decided to make a precise version as well, but at the same time simpler and based on a range of 100 control steps; one advantage of this circuitry gives is that it involves less components and less manipulations occur to the acoustic “path”.

The “less is more” philosophy has always been dear to Pathos.

heritage tubes

Heritage is an integrated amplifier with a tubes pre-stage featuring tension amplification and a very high gain (28db); then it features the so called “Inpol” stage, entrusted to mosfets that copy the signal of the tubes and supply the necessary current to drive the loudspeakers.

Mosfets are N-Channel, fully polarized, in pure Class A and their Gain equals 1.

The whole amplifier, from input to loudspeakers connection, is fully balanced.




Main features

Heritage part


Polarisation and volume

For listening at home it is not necessary to get the maximum polarization (80 Watt), therefore Pathos decided to develop a circuitry able to change polarisation according to the volume position. 

Volume is, in fact, controlled by the same microprocessor selecting the relays of the volume board.


Like all Pathos products, also Heritage has been designed and manufactured with the highest attention to the detail. Active and passive components were selected with care to offer top quality.

The signal is managed in a minimalist way, making use of what it’s really needed to guarantee the highest sonic efficiency and comparable with InControl and InPower.

Pre output

 Heritage pre

The excellent quality of pre-stage allows to get an output of the highest quality, able to drive monoblock power amplifiers InPower and achieve multi ampings.

The pre output is available in balanced or unbalanced configuration, further it’s available a pre output setting to adjust gain at best when using multi amping.

Heritage dettaglio