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The new Pathos Acoustics website is online!


Munich High End 2018: what's cooking, doc?




Munich 18 7


Munich HIGH END confirmed to be the focal point of the global Hifi industry. After four successful exhibition days, the 37th HIGH END in Munich ended on May 13. A total of 530 exhibitors from 41 nations and 19,899 visitors were counted, including 7,557 trade visitors from throughout the world.

Pathos stand welcomed as usual manufacturers, distributors, dealers and people from international press to introduce them new Kratos and InPower Mk2.





During last edition, Pathos introduced the prototype of InPower Mk2: InPower Mk2 is a monoblock power amplifier representing the evolution of the INPOL® circuit, originally created with the birth of the T.T. integrated amplifier. This year we are proud to announce that InPower Mk2 will be officially manufactured.

Pathos introduced as usual a new amplifier: Kratos is an hybrid amplifier with tubes pre-stage and Mosfet final stage.

InPower MK2


- Improving, increasing the power and getting more quality: we achieved it! -


A new audio project always is to Pathos a good mission when there is the chance to reproduce the natural quality and the harmonic content of the original signal. When we decided to redesign InPower, engineers’ aim was exactly this one! The result impressed the engineers themselves: an extremely musical sound, defined, a really “tube” sound, dynamic, full and fast; all these features makes new InPower worth being part of the best solid states products.

To develop new InPower we started from InPol, a system patented by Pathos, which characterize Pathos’ production and that became an acclaimed success and won many awards. Inpol units do have a strong sonic personality due to this exclusive circuitry, completely balanced in class A. Further, new InPower allow enhancing a bi-amped setup at best, because of its adjustable gain (also by using remote control); more specifically it allows operating on the bass level as you prefer.





kratos caratteristiche

- Great power to drive any loudspeaker! -

With Kratos Pathos introduced a new powerful amplifier: 200W for each channel; pre-stage and final stage are clearly separated, with a prestigious pre-out and direct input to final stage; both pre-out and final stages are balanced XLR.

Kratos is also headphone amplifier with a dedicated circuitry (2 W @ 32 Ω). Kratos’ basic features (5 RCA, 2 balanced XLR, digital display, remote-controlled functions) could be improved by a DAC (optional) and a RIAA phono input (optional).

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