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Il nuovo sito Pathos Acoustics è online!


The new Pathos Acoustics website is online!


Munich High End 2019: surprises start here


Our stand


The 38th HIGH END in Munich hosted 551 exhibitors from 42 Countries, with more 20.000 visitors from all over the world. Once again this worldwide highlight for the HiFi showed products and trends in the audio industry.

Pathos was there as usual, with a new stand and a new look. We introduced once again our novelties: here there are!




Incontrol Mk2

Incontrol Mk2 

- The perfect match for InPower Mk2 -


Incontrol Mk2 is the natural consequence of InPower Mk2: a new pre-amplifier, more compact, more responsive, more precise.

Incontrol hides inside its shell the same headphones amplifier of Kratos; its design is inspired by InPower Mk2, to have an aesthetical match too.

We decided to keep the name "Incontrol" to be consistent with the previous match InControl/InPower, but our new pre-amplifier is so different than the previous one to deserve its own name. We put all Pathos' technology inside new Incontrol Mk2: fully balanced differential circuitry, prestigious Tung-Sol ECC803S tubes, big display, whole aluminum knob, 100 steps of volume with high dynamic range, dedicated headphone amplifier with 2W @ 32Ohm.

Incontrol Mk2 is provided with the new universal remote control, which can operate with all Pathos' amplifiers and with the new Converto Mk2 RR.

Converto Mk2 RR

- The classic Converto Mk2 with something more -

Converto Mk2 RR is dedicated to all people who do not want to move any time they need to change the volume or input: Converto Mk2 RR has an universal remote control which allows to operate from far and which is compatible with all Pathos' amplifiers provided with a remote control.

New friends in Pathos' stand

Our stand in Munich hosted Saxum Canorus, prestigious loudspeakers made with marbles and stones from all over the world.

Enjoy the music!